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Called to…

As believers in Jesus, we are called to partner with Him in life and His Kingdom. It’s a call to never-ending adventure! Read below to be inspired in all the ways God is calling you!

High Places – Called to See our Idols

Our faith can be so solid when all our little cares are in line. When the bills are paid, the kids are well, we feel loved, and the car starts, we sing of how good God is. When one or several of these dominos fall out of line, especially when the fix is not instant, we can start to wonder if God is really with us. Waiting tests our faith. Though Isaiah reminds us that if we persevere in waiting we will rise on wings like eagles, we struggle with the lies that urgently whisper, “You are plummeting to the ground!” Just like the Israelites, we start to agitate. We can’t see or feel God so we need to find Him! And if we cannot find Him quickly, we may decide to fashion Him. But it will not be YHWH.

Called to the River 2 – Overwhelming the Chaos

We live in a broken world. It is beautiful as it reflects its Creator. It is writhing as it tells the story of the sin and rebellion that shattered it, and it sings its song — one moment melodic, another dissonant — as it waits in agonized anticipation for Him to return and make all things new! If you listen, you can hear the song; you can hear the cry.

Called to the River – A Response to Chaos

In truth, we are called to this River, and He wants us to go as deep as we can. His patience allows us to be ankle deep, but His heart desires us to “be filled with all the fulness of God” (Ephesians 3:19). As His Presence reaches out to us, He is inviting us to meet Him in unprescribed places that we might not have considered. He whispers, “There is more! I am measureless!”

Called to Change

Can you catch the excitement in Creator’s heart as He whispers through Isaiah? “You haven’t seen anything yet!” It doesn’t get much more changing-of-seasons than turning deserts into riverbeds! And don’t we want that? Instead of the dry death of clinging to the season that was, don’t we want the satiated thirst of what He has next?

Called to Consecrate – Step into a life of calling for a new year!

Do you have anything in your life that is consecrated? Set apart for a specific purpose or time? Perhaps it’s a string of pearls? Or a pair of fancy shoes that only come out for weddings or date nights? Did you know that you are called to be consecrated? But unlike a diamond pendant or my Christmas flatware, you and I are called by Jesus to consecrate our lives — the beautiful moments, the mundane, the hard, the joyful, and even the grief. He doesn’t just want us to live life and check in once in awhile. He wants every part of us to be set apart for Him.

The Rhythm of Abiding

However God leads you to walk it out, the rhythm of abiding should be a choreography of asking and answering, receiving and responding, waiting and activating. Then we are swept up in the dance of dependence. He leads and we are twirled about in the mystery of His power and purpose.

The Call to Living Water

Can you see the picture? Are you there? Mulling among the throngs of people at the pinnacle of the fall feast? Euphoric with the joy of celebrating the history of the people and the hope of a promise to come? The lamps are blazing in brilliance and the priest has just entered the temple to shouts and cheers at the thought of the promised Messiah. And then… Jesus… that amazing, maybe-a-little-crazy guy you’ve heard so much about is suddenly standing and shouting. “Are you thirsty? Come to Me and drink! Do you feel like you’ve been wandering in the wilderness? If you believe in Me, you will be the fulfillment of a prophecy! Streams of living water will flow from within you!” Is your heart beating faster? What will you do?

Called to Abide – Part 1: The Garden

One of us was sitting on the floor; one was sitting on the bed. Memories can get a little cloudy after 25 years, but the awkwardness is still quite palpable in my mind. “I don’t just want to be your messaging service,” she murmured. Her eyes were sincere, her tone...

You are Called!

Have you ever considered the idea that you have a calling? Say this to yourself, "I am called." What does that stir within you? Do you believe it? Throughout my study of history and within the encounters of my own lifetime, I have witnessed a certain reality. What...