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Have you ever considered the idea that you have a calling? Say this to yourself, “I am called.” What does that stir within you? Do you believe it? Throughout my study of history and within the encounters of my own lifetime, I have witnessed a certain reality. What sets people apart for a life of meaning is their sense of a personal call and whether or not they embrace that. With all my being I believe that since the beginning of creation, there has been a call. Do you hear it?

The Initial Call

At the point of creation, God designed a man. He called him by name. Then he invited him into sacred places of relationship with him: the naming of the animals, the naming of his bride, and the continual intimate friendship of walking together. Man and woman. He created them and called them (Genesis 2).

The Call Back

After our relationship with God was broken through the betrayal of sin (Genesis 3), God began calling his creation back – back into communion, back into intimacy, back into an eternal purpose (Genesis 3:15). He sang out the call to countless men and women who would return their hearts to His and lead people toward the ushering in of His plan for love and redemption. That promised restoration was fulfilled in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Since the completion of HIs sacrifice for the brokenness of our souls, the call has taken on new tones, ringing out in wider, more vast circles across the moments of humanity, inviting all to return. To come back into full relationship with God through belief in Jesus.

The Call to More

We all hunger to know that our lives have meaning. This is a seed planted deep within our spirit by the Living God to draw us toward His heart and a life lived in the direction of eternity and relationship with Him (Phil 3:20; Rom 1:20). There is so much more than the aspiration toward wealth or status. There is more than a life lived just hoping for something after death. There is more than a life lived only to benefit a diminishing timeline and planet. There is a life to be lived that holds meaning for each day, each breath, and for eternity. This is what it means to live a life of calling.

Answering the Call

The first step in finding your life of calling is stepping back into the relationship you were designed to have with your Creator. If something is not designed with purpose, its usefulness is short-lived at best. Similarly, if you and I do not believe we were designed with purpose, our efforts will eventually fall flat when we face realities like rejection, failure, or the end of life. However, when we believe we were made on purpose, for a purpose, we sense the passion of the Designer. When we chase His heart, we find a Love that fills us, an inspiration that ignites us, and a call that sings out the meaning for which He created us.

Are you ready to find that kind of meaning? Are you ready to step into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ? Are you ready to live a life of calling?

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